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Photo by: Dusty Loops

Photo by: Dusty Loops


Noyz represents the diversity at the heart of Brampton. Born in the city to immigrant parents, Noyz understands the feeling of being part of a society while at the same time standing out, and due to his unique upbringing, wholeheartedly embraces his sense of otherness. His sound is the best of both worlds, equally representing the fun and energy of hip-hop park jams, as well as the socio-political commentary the genre was born out of.

In addition to headlining solo shows in the United States and the UK, Noyz has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in North America including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, MNFSTO, Harbourfront Festival, and DesiFest, and has had his music featured on notable websites such as Complex, Noisey, GQ, Huffington Post, CBC Music, Team Backpack, and The Needle Drop.

Noyz has proven to be equally proficient with beats and rhymes, with his lyrics being cited in multiple academic journals and textbooks relating to identity and multiculturalism, while also producing projects for other artists, serving up his trademark soulful sound and hard-edged drums. Noyz also stays active in his community, engaging with youth in the arts through hip hop and mental health workshops.







Jan 20th, 2019: Hiphop & Mental Health Workshop - Surat Initiative | Newark, NJ